One year ago I lost a dear friend and an amazing human. Graffiti lost one of the most inspirational and prolific writers of all time. Sean was a huge part of who I am today and was a huge influence in my graffiti, from the spots that get caught all the way to the thickness of my outline. To be honest Ironlak Los Angeles and Read the Label would not exist if it weren’t for Sean encouraging me six years ago to pack my bags and move to Australia. Most of all the amazing friends that I have today were all introduced to me through sean, almost everyday I have a constant reminder of how much Sean has impacted my life. He was a light that shined bright with this crazy as grin and this crazy look that would either scare you to death or smile from ear to ear, depending on if he was upset with you or not. When Sean would come to town everyone would get excited and rush to all meet up and go hang out with him. It was almost like the feeling in the air would change when he was in town, “Hell yeah Sean’s in town time to paint and party!”. I owe this man a lifetime of gratitude and loyalty. Sean we love you and miss you terribly, from now until I take my last my last breath I promise to hold you down in these streets! #NEKSTisForever #AndForeverYouWillBeMissed
no standards 

Jemma Jones @wolfspit